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Careers in construction, manufacturing, and more

Fresh Start Careers is a full range, boutique, women-owned recruiting and career services provider for both client companies and talented candidates. We are based in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area and specialize in the construction and manufacturing industries. Our geographical reach currently extends throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Our founding partners have over 25 years of combined management experience IN these industries, so we understand the unique ‘pain points’ encountered by your teams and essential skill sets required for your members to handle these situations – so your organization can thrive and succeed. We know because we’ve been in those roles already – that’s our niche!

Our team is passionate about exceeding expectations and delivering quality results with the best customer service possible. Let’s see what we can do for you.

“Fresh Start Careers works with their candidates every step of the way during the interview process.  From resume advice to interview coaching and follow up after the interview, they are a trusted friend and mentor who is there to offer support and guidance.  They keep in close touch and follow through on all details, making the interview process as seamless as possible.  I highly recommend Fresh Start Careers for anyone in the job market!”
-Camela, Success Candidate Placement

Resume Storyteller Podcast: Virginia Franco’s Interview with Fresh Start Career Co-Founders Kate Madden and Carrie Davis. A behind the scenes peek for job seekers and tips for enhancing your search!

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